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Bazooka vs Panzer

Bazooka vs Panzer

When shapedcharge warheads were developed, the way was laid for infantrymen to be equipped with powerful anti-tank weapons.

The Americans developed the Bazooka, a shoulder-fired weapon, comprising a tube to launch a rocket-propelled projectile, it was powerful beyond its appearance. The tube was the means of launching the rocket, which did the damage. Capable of penetrating three-inches of armour in the early projectiles, the later types could penetrate four-inches. By the end of the war almost 13 million projectiles had been produced. This book explains how teams stalked Panzers in the ultimate hunter and prey scenario. This has the right balance of technical specifications and battle sequences to keep the reader completely engaged. The analysis tables are fascinating and introduces wider information regarding combat situations. This is one to have on the reference shelves.


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