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Carlson’s Marine Raiders

Carlson’s Marine Raiders

Just over a year earlier, in August 1942, the US Marines had mounted a raid against the island, which was little more than a coral atoll, in order to assess the strength of the Japanese garrison. This new title in the Raid Series tells of that operation in a most concise manner with analysis of weapon strengths, equipment and tactics. The author uses a timeline to guide the reader through the dates and events as they unfold. It was a bold undertaking and taught the US Marines much.

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Readers interested in the Pacific Theatre of Operations will like this work and war gamers use it for reference. A nice, concise work with interesting analysis by the author, who served in Special Forces during the Vietnam War.

AUTHOR: Gordon L. Rottman
PUBLISHER: Osprey Publishing 01865 811332 www.ospreypublishing.com

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