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Dieppe - A necessary failure

Dieppe - A necessary failure

Among the disasters to hit the Allied military planners in WWII, the attack against Dieppe on the French coast, codenamed Operation Jubilee, was one of the most costly in terms of men, equipment and materiel. This first-rate book explains the why, how and what of the operation and who was involved. The author takes the reader through each aspect of the planning stage and how the target was selected, before dealing with each landing beach in turn. Using first-hand accounts, official records and interviews, he sets out the whole operation in meticulous detail. He springs some surprises along the way but never loses sight of the subject and puts forward certain theories which give food for thought. His analysis in summing up the operation will add weight to the debate and to find out if he believes the operation was necessary, you’ll have to read this absorbing book.


Dieppe: A Necessary Failure


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Henry Buckton


Amberley Publishing, Stroud, Gloucestershire





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