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Falklands war

Falklands war

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When Argentina invaded the British territories of the Falkland Islands in 1982, the world held its breath, to see how Britain would react. When the response came, it took the world by storm. In the aftermath, came the books. All that happened more than a generation ago and the events are a little cloudy. This book reminds a new generation of those fateful ten weeks, or so, when the country fought and won a war, which few thought possible. From the first manoeuvrings to the final climax, the author takes the reader through events step by step. He examines the weapons, the equipment and the tactics, to present a book which even for those who remember it clearly happening, will find fascinating. Today’s generation will be amazed at the human endurance and the old-fashioned respect the soldiers had in what was one of the last conventional wars before it all went electronic.

Chris McNab
Haynes, Sparkford, Somerset


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