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Fontmell magna and the first world war

Fontmell magna and the first world war

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There is hardly a village or town in Britain that was not affected by the First World War. Those which did not lose any men are referred to as ‘Thankful Villages’. Unfortunately Fontmell Magna in Dorset is not one of them and lost more than its fair share of young men who went off to fight. This little booklet is a fascinating work looking at how a small village coped with such loss and yet continued amidst all the grief. The lives of each of those lost is recounted here and where and how they were killed. In between is woven the daily lives of villages who had to carry on and the work they performed.

This is a fitting tribute in this time of centenaries of WWI and is one of the finest works of its kind put together by a local historical society. A true work of dedication to the men who never came back.

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