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High Wood

High Wood

There have been many books written about the Battle of the Somme, among which are titles which seek to examine events from all angles. Such was the complexity and scale of the battle that to understand events it is best broken into manageable chunks. That is exactly what the author has done in this case and concentrates on the struggle by the British to capture a feature known as ‘High Wood’ and the determination of the Germans to hold it, at whatever cost. Using a mixture of original photographs and his own modern images, the author shows the battlefield then and now. Original maps, eye-witness accounts and a highly-informative and well-researched text, make this an essential title to accompany any visit to the area. It answers questions and gives directions, which is all that anybody could want from such a work. Even as a general read, this is absorbing stuff.

Author: Michael Harrison
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley,
South Yorkshire
ISBN: 9781473834095
Price: £12.99


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