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Hill 112

The feature which serves as the title for this superbly researched and presented work lies to the southwest of the French city of Caen. Today, it is an otherwise insignificant hill, but in 1944, during the Normandy campaign, Rommel is understood to have said ‘who holds Hill 112 holds Normandy’. Take this book with you to visit the site and you will understand how and why it was so important and had to be taken by the Allies. Using maps, photographs and first-hand accounts, this book takes the reader through every stage in the fighting for this strategic location. There is drama, tension and some ironic exchanges of levity between German and British mortar crews over the radio. At one point the fighting resembles that of the trenches in WWI in the more than month-long battle to capture Hill 112 from the Germans. As a reference book, guide book or just a good read, this has everything.


Hill 112


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Tim Saunders


Pen & Sword Books, South Yorkshire





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