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M48 Patton Versus Centurion

M48 Patton Versus Centurion

This is an unusual departure for the ‘Duel’ series, inasmuch that it examines and compares tanks supplied by America and Britain, NATO allies, to the opposite sides during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. It makes for an interesting assessment of both nations technical abilities as tank producers.

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The author compares firing procedures of each tank, details the turret layout of each and the types of ammunition fired by the main armament. The Centurion carried 64 rounds for the main gun whilst the M48 carried 60, with only a few millimetres difference in the calibres. Training and battle tactics are examined and actual combat on the battlefield is examined.

Vehicle owners will enjoy this compact work and war gamers and modellers will appreciate it for all the technical details.

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