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Mau Mau Rebellion

Mau Mau Rebellion

After the Second World War, Britain gave independence to many of the countries which made up its Empire.

The transition was not always peaceful and some countries saw the emergence of local movements to hasten the separation. One of these countries was Kenya, where a group known as the Mau Mau committed atrocities against European settlers, which prompted the British to deploy military to stop the terror. However, it escalated and the troubles worsened. In this work, the author explains how Britain became involved in Kenya and what it meant to the Empire. From that point, he examines the situation as it worsened and describes Britain’s response. The story is told clearly and concisely and the drama is tense. This is modern history and is imparted extremely well. For those who don’t know anything about this period, they will be shocked by what they read.


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