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Monte Cassino - Opening the Road to Rome

Monte Cassino - Opening the Road to Rome

The campaign in Italy was supposed to be the Allies thrust up into the ‘…soft underbelly of Europe. Lasting 22-months, to the men who fought in Italy it was ‘A tough old gut’, as the Germans conducted a fighting retreat the length of the country. One battle, which stands out from so many fought in Italy, was the 17-weeks spent by the Allies in trying to capture the heights of Monte Cassino. The author does an exemplary job in explaining events and the forces engaged, from Gurkhas to Polish troops. The author has walked the ground to gain a personal perspective of the difficulties faced by the soldiers and this insight he shares in the pages of the book. A very accessible and first-rate work, supported by good photographs and informative maps.


Richard Doherty


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Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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