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Mote Cassino: A german View

Mote Cassino: A german View

This book was first published in 1956, today, 65 years later and interest in this fiercelycontested battle has not diminished. This is now the fourth imprint of this work and it has stood the test of time as being one of the few accounts from the German perspective. Originally written when events were still fresh in the mind, the author, himself an officer in the Fallschirmjager, interviewed former comrades. As a result, the battle is told through eyewitness accounts, thoughts and opinions in hindsight. Here we are presented with German thoughts about the Allied commanders and their methods, which prove to be most enlightening and go beyond just the battle. For the generation who may not have heard of Monte Cassino, this is the point to start. For those who do know already, this will balance out your understanding.


Monte Cassino; A German View


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Rudolf Bohmler


Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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