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Paratrooper Training Pocket Manual

Paratrooper Training Pocket Manual

Original military training manuals printed during the war are highly collectable and contain a wealth of reference material which is useful to collectors and re-enactors. Some of this information relating to parachute troops and operations, originally published by the US War Department, Air Ministry and US Military Intelligence Service, has been gathered together in this useful little book and presented as a ready reference for military enthusiasts. The idea for airborne operations had been considered in WWI, but it was only in the 1920s and 1930s that it became a reality, as this book reminds the reader. Every stage from training and equipment, to the actual jump from an aircraft, is covered in this book which fills in the background to understanding the planning of airborne operations behind D-Day and Arnhem. This is an ideal present to give a re-enactor for Christmas.


The Paratrooper Training Pocket Manual 1939-45

Edited by:

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Chris McNab


Casemate Publishing, Oxford





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