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Pershing vs Tiger

Pershing vs Tiger

The project designated to develop what would become the M26 ‘Pershing’ tank was started in mid-1943 but it did not enter service until the closing stages of the war in early 1945.

The author covers this development phase before moving on the cover the tank’s opponent in this latest title in the Duel series, which happens to be the Tiger and requires little introduction. The merits of each type are weighed and analysed and the accompanying charts can be poured over by the reader, who may draw a different conclusion to that of the author. The first Pershing vs Tiger engagement was at Elsdorf and was a fiercely fought contest. Pershing tanks crossed the Rhine and entered the heart of Germany and some fascinating facts emerge. This book will be welcomed by modellers, war gamers and enthusiasts of armoured warfare.

Author: Steven J. Zaloga
Publisher: Osprey Publishing, Oxford
ISBN: 9771472817167
Price: £12.99


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