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SAS Combat Vehicles

SAS Combat Vehicles

During the course of its history, the SAS has used a wide range of vehicles for operations from the Austin Champ to the Jeep and the Land Rover series. All types used during the 50 year period covered in this well written and superbly illustrated book will please modellers as a reference source. Of all the vehicle types used by the SAS, the regiment will always be known for the development of the ‘Pink Panther’ version of the Land Rover, and this gets good coverage. The author explains how the vehicles were used as a weapons platform in the hit and run tactics used in the desert and Europe during WWII. He continues the story into the 1990s and the operations conducted by the SAS into Iraq against the SCUD missile launching sites. Vehicles are not always driven directly into combat, sometimes they have to be delivered by parachute and landing craft, and these means are also featured.


SAS Combat Vehicles 1942-91


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Gavin Mortimer


Osprey, Oxford





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