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Syria and Lebanon 1941

Syria and Lebanon 1941

The campaign in North Africa, in 1941, is usually seen as being between Britain and its Commonwealth troops, including India, against the forces of Italy and Germany. As if the fighting wasn’t already harsh enough, Winston Churchill added to the hardships by ordering that the territories of Syria and Lebanon be captured to secure the Suez Canal, which was instrumental to the Allies’ supply lines. The region was held by Vichy French, who were pro-German in their beliefs, and defeating them to prevent an Axis attack from there was vital. The Allied attack was launched on 7/8 June 1941 and did not go well, with Vichy forces inflicting heavy losses on British and Indian forces. The author describes how the Allies managed to retrieve the situation in five weeks of fighting, culminating in an Armistice on 14 July. This is a good work which details another chapter in the North African campaign.


Syria and Lebanon 1941


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David Sutton


Osprey Publishing, Oxford





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