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The Battle for Arnehem 1944-1945

The Battle for Arnehem 1944-1945

The interest in Operation Market Garden remains strong among military enthusiasts, from modellers and war gamers to collectors and visitors to battlefields. This heavily illustrated work underpins that interest and can be used in various ways to study the battle. On its own, the book has much merit, either as an introduction to the battle or to study photographic images. It can also be used in conjunction with specialist title guidebooks, such as A Tour of the Arnhem Battlefields (reviewed above) and together turn any visit into a memorable experience. The author presents the work in chronological order and examines events from the perspective of both sides. The choice of images with extended captions are most informative and the maps are basic they are, nonetheless, very helpful. If visiting Arnhem, make this one of the books you take with you.


Anthony Tucker-Jones


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Pen & Sword Books Ltd, South Yorkshire





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