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The History of the Panzerjager, Volume 2

The History of the Panzerjager, Volume 2

This is volume two of the set which completes the history by exploring events from Stalingrad to Berlin, which is the sub-title of the work. This is work researched in depth by an expert in his field and the result is a superb book revealing new information and explaining more about little-known projects. This is an all-round book which will appeal to the general reader, military vehicle enthusiast and the modellers will find a perfect reference work. He includes details of projects which were not developed which produces a ‘what if they had, how would the war have gone?’ question in the reader’s mind. Fascinating stuff here about the famous ‘88’ and other anti-tank weapons supported by images dug out from archives to present a reference book bulging with facts on which a reader can rely and is a great accompaniment to the first volume.


The History of the Panzerjager; Volume 2


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Thomas Anderson


Osprey Publishing, Oxford





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