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The history of the panzerwaffe

The history of the panzerwaffe

Books on the subject of tanks are always popular, and if the subject specialises in German tanks it cannot fail to interest readers. If this book were a piece of music it would hit all the right notes and go to the top of the charts.

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The subject matter is vast, but this is only Volume One, covering the period 1939 to 1942. However, the author begins the story much earlier in the closing stages of WWI.

He continues through the inter-war years and the secret development of tanks by Germany in Russia. Photographs showing dummy tanks illustrate what Germany hoped for and actually exceeded. The first armoured units are explained and Germany’s role in supplying tanks during the Spanish Civil War are fascinating. Everything is here to delight those with an interest in German armoured warfare, using archive material and first-hand accounts. We can only eagerly anticipate Volume Two to complete a great study.

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