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The M3 “Grease gun”

The M3 “Grease gun”

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America came into the Second World War in 1941 at a time when it was equipping its army with a series of new weapons. Over the next four years more new weapon designs were introduced, many of which continued to be used long after the war had ended and proved useful in other conflicts such as Korea. One such weapon was the M3 SMG, nicknamed the ‘Grease Gun’ from its shape. The author explains the background behind the development, production, it apparently cost less than $20 per gun to produce, through to entering service. It was used in all operational theatres of war by soldiers from tank crews to airborne units. It had a number of advantages including its compact design, rate of fire and ease of use.

The M3 was used in Korea, Vietnam and many overseas in their own wars, also. The design also influenced many post-war weapons and even as late as the 1980s was still in use with certain US Army units. This book is full of illustrations to satisfy collectors and enthusiasts of the history of firearms will be satisfied by the overall content.

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