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The Royal Air Force 1939-45

The Royal Air Force 1939-45

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This book was originally published in 1990 and 15 years later it was in its 9th impression, plus in 2010 it was produced in digital format. The subject is popular with modellers but increasingly we see more RAF being depicted at re-enactment events.

The RAF was the first branch of the armed forces to attack German targets and fought in all theatres of war, including Russia. This work explains the roles, duties and training for male and female members of the RAF, which makes it a very good reference work for re-enactors. It is also an excellent title for collectors of RAF items to have in their reference library. All branches are covered from the lowliest to the most elevated, including the West Indies and pilots. Far from being dated, it probably makes for a better reference work now than 25 years ago.

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