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Three days in Hell

Three days in Hell

Published in France, this is an English language edition of a well-researched work covering a period of three days of the Normandy landings, the 7th to 9th of June.

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The level of detail contained in this book uncovers many individual incidents, unit engagements and the wider scenario, all of which reveal how the fighting spread to involve even the smallest hamlet. It details how civilians were embroiled in the fighting and their fate as war came to their doors. Massacres are featured, such as the fate of the Canadians murdered in the grounds of the Abbey d’Ardenne and other scenes of further incidents.

The maps, photographs and hand-drawn diagrams are supported by first-hand accounts to reveal a different aspect of the fighting in Normandy. A marvellous book to use to investigate the smaller locations of the battleground.

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