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Tommies: The British Army in the Trenches

Tommies: The British Army in the Trenches

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This is one of the first titles to be released by Casement in its new series called ‘Short History’. A lot is crammed into the 151 pages of this work, which covers the four years of WWI. From a brief introduction, from the shooting of Franz Fedinand, which led to the outbreak of war, the authors get stuck into the why and how Britain became involved. The structure of the British army, the composition of units and the battles are all covered swiftly but with sufficient depth to move on to the next phase. The major battles are here, with eye-witness accounts and descriptions of weapons and major advances, such as the introduction of tanks. This is meant to be an introduction into the war for students who can access further works to expand their understanding. Very well done and a good choice to give as a present to students.

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