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True to their Salt

True to their Salt

The association of Indian troops serving the British army stretches back over 200 years. They served in many wars and campaigns, including the Boer War, Boxer Rebellion and both world wars. By contrast, the country has been without outside interference, which some call independence from Britain, for just 75 years. Millions of men from all castes and sects served in the military and that should have given the author a wealth of material on which to base this work. He lists all these campaigns but his chronological sequence jumps backwards and forwards in time. All the key events such as the ‘Mutiny’ and the names are mentioned, from Tipu Sultan to Lord Curzon and General ‘Bill’ Slim, along with all the historical regiments. He does a good job of providing a starting point for studying the complex history of the Indian army, before ending his examination in 1947, the year when Britain withdrew from India.


True to Their Salt


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Ravindra Rathee


Amberley Books, Gloucestershire





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