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Tunnel Master & Arsonist of the Great War

Tunnel Master & Arsonist of the Great War

Behind every operation during WWI there was a planner and this fascinating book covers the life of one of those men. John Norton Griffiths may not be known to many, yet he was instrumental in making possible the attack on Messine Ridge in June 1914, unarguably the most successful attack of the war. Griffiths was an adventurer and risk-taker of the old school and this work follows his life story, which includes many remarkable episodes through to the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. It is his contribution to planning the engineering operations at Messine, with 21 tunnels to lay mines under the German front line, for which he is best known. His was the underground war and he was the undisputed master of the tactic. Craters from the attack can still be seen at places such as St Eloi, Spanbroekmolen and Hill 60.


Tunnel-Master and Arsonist of the Great War


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Tony Bridgland and Anne Morgan


Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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