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Uttoxeter in the Civil War.

Uttoxeter in the Civil War.

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When a re-enactor writes a book about the period they recreate at events you know they have put a great deal into its production.

This is exactly what has happened here and the result is a meticulously researched book on the subject of one town during the English Civil War. Today Uttoxeter is a thriving market town that dates back to pre-Roman period. In 1647 it suddenly found itself thrust into the middle of a bloody war. Using archive files, first-hand accounts and detective work the author presents a history of events as they happened in the town. It is not a long book but it is worth adding to one’s library on this period as a reference work. It is possible to use this book to walk around the town and its environs to see where events unfolded, such as St Mary’s Church where prisoners were held, and put you right there.

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