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WWII German Motorised Infantry & Panzer Grenadiers

WWII German Motorised Infantry & Panzer Grenadiers

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The German army in WWII continues to be a fascinating subject, as shown in this latest title in the ‘Elite’ series looking at military units. The author has encompassed in this compact work the origins of the regiment, from the re-armament period in the mid-1930s, to the last day of the war in 1945. All theatres of war are covered, from Russia to Italy and North Africa and the structures of the units are laid out. Although there are no maps in this title, war gamers will find it useful and modellers will appreciate it as a reference guide. As a general read for military enthusiasts, it is a good reference work, but at times it does read like a list of lists of regiments and units. A handy title to use as a cross-reference work when researching specific units.

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