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Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack

Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack

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Pulsar’s rechargeable Lithium Polymer EPS3i battery pack is an add-on product to extend the usage time and overall simplicity of many Pulsar and Yukon night vision tools. The EPS3i has a 2.4Ah capacity and comes with a single 240V charger. A Weaver mounting claw on the underside will securely attach it to units like the Pulsar LRF N970, which have accessory rails built in and small Picatinny rails are available to screw to the common ¼-inch thread available on the XQ50 thermal monocular.

Battery charge level is indicated at the touch of a finger by a red five LED display, which turns off immediately to avoid spooking any quarry. A 200mm lead is fitted to the battery carrying the 5.5mm power plug and a one-metre extension is supplied for those wanting to keep the unit in a pocket. Suggested run times are up to 20-hours with seven-hours suggested for a unit like the N970 riflescope and allows you to use more power from the inbuilt illuminator, without worrying about running out before dawn on those long nights out foxing. The smooth black outer is weather resistant, with matt colouration to avoid any reflected glare, with an overall size of 80 x 73 x 29mm and weight of 224-grams.

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  • Name: Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack
  • Price: £74
  • Contact: Scott Country www.scottcountry.co.uk