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BKL 1” Tri Mount Dovetail Risers

BKL 1” Tri Mount Dovetail Risers

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BKL Mounts are among the best quality available, and are constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, so quality is assured. This US-based brand now manufacture a range of mounts and accessories for the discerning shooter, and their Tri Mount Dovetail Risers are a neat design that allow the sight line to be raised up as required. So, should be of great interest to all serious airgun users, be they hunters or target punchers. The blocks clamp to the gun’s dovetail, and then ring mounts will be clamped on the top of each block. As per the usual BKL mount design, these riser blocks need to be slid onto the dovetail rails from one end, and then clamped evenly into position. As the blocks are a one-piece design, with a slot machined to allow secure clamping, they might be too tight to engage easily with the dovetail rail.

If so, you must remove the transverse locking screw and carefully spread them a little to widen the aperture, so that you can slide them on. Once the risers are all fixed in place, this, the latest design, has the added feature of further dovetail rails on each side, which could be handy for gun mounted accessories, such as a torch or laser. All very neat and highly effective.

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  • Price: £31.99
  • Contact: Optics Warehouse, 01803 611895 opticswarehouse.co.uk