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Scope Mounts and Rings

  • Sportsmatch 30mm Weaver/Picatinny Base Mounts

    With the rise in popularity of Weaver/Picatinny style mounting systems, Sportsmatch have continued to evolve their range to meet demand and their T078 30mm mounts are aimed specifically at users who want to keep the sight line closer to the barrel. The medium height twin ring mount design offers the familiar double screw strap design, made from aircraft grade aluminium and the base incorporates a square section high tensile steel arrestor cross bolt, designed to locate inside one of the cut-outs on the scope rail. Knurled bolt heads complete the spec, and these can be tightened with a coin instead of an Allen key. Weaver spec mounts have been available as a high option for some time, but the new medium height T078s offer even greater choice. These mounts are another great product to add to the company's burgeoning product line-up.

    Reviewer: Mark Camoccio

    Name: Sportsmatch T078 Mounts

    Priced: £57.95

    Contact: Sportsmatch U.K. sportsmatch-uk.com

  • BKL 1 inch Tri Mount Dovetail Riser

    BKL 1 inch Tri Mount Dovetail Riser

    BKL mounts are made from aircraft grade aluminium and the Tri Mount Dovetail Risers are a neat design that allow the sight line to be raised up as required. The blocks clamp to the gun's dovetail, and then ring mounts will be clamped to the dovetail on the top of each block. As per the usual BKL mount design, these riser blocks need to be slid onto the dovetail rails from one end, and then clamped evenly into position. If the mounts don't initially fit, the base screws are removed and placed into the spreader holes to widen the aperture. Once the risers are all fixed in place, the latest design has the added feature of further dovetail rails on each side, which could be handy for gun mounted accessories such as a torch or laser. All very neat and highly effective.

    Reviewer: Mark Camoccio

    Name: BKL 1-inch Tri Mount Dovetail Risers (BKL 167 MB)

    Price: RRP £31.99

    Contact: Optics Warehouse. opticswarehouse.co.uk

  • Apex UK Mounts

    Apex UK Mounts

    I recently got to look at Apex UK’s modular scope mounting system. Sold under Country Sports Wholesale’s Britannia Rails brand, it comprises a Picatinny base with interchangeable rings featuring self-centring Delrin liners that can be used to introduce 10 or 20 MOA of pitch (as per Burris’ Signature rings). Rings are available in in 30, 34, 35, 36 or 40mm sizes and up to four heights, and clever design ensures that they align perfectly with the base. If desired, additional Picatinny rail sections can be added to the tops of the rings or the sides of the base.

    Reviewer: Jules Whicker

    Name: Apex UK mounts

    Price: From £115

    Contact: Apex UK. apexuk-precision.co.uk Country Sports Wholesale. countrysportswholesale.co.uk

  • Tier-One Scope Rings

    Tier-One Scope Rings

    Tier-One’s scope rings are produced from a single piece of aluminium alloy on a fiveaxis mill using Tier-One’s ‘One Hit’ machining method, where all the critical dimensions are machined in one setup, thus eliminating any error! The finish is black anodised and is very professionally presented. The top caps are secured by four Torx screws (T15) and T20 cross screws retaining the 11mm claw bases. They come in a plastic case with both Torx bits included. For those that want just that bit more, you can get sets with an integral level bubble. This is positioned slightly left of centre, so is easy enough to see, even when in the aim! For those airgunners who use a Picatinny rail, then that option is available too.

    Reviewer: Pete Moore

    Name: Tier-One Scope Rings

    Price: From £110

    Contact: Tier-One. tier-one.eu