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Air Arms Retro Fit & Parts

Air Arms Retro Fit & Parts

The Air Arms S200 is a popular and accurate, lightweight single-shot PCP; however, certain features could be improved. Which is where Rowan Engineering have taken a long hard look at the rifle and manufactured parts to replace and/or enhance its performance and in-field usability.

Butt first

Although the target stocked S200 has one, the standard does not – that’s an Adjustable Butt Pad, which Rowan now produce. In my opinion, the key parts they make for this rifle are a redesigned Cocking Bolt, adjustable trigger Blade/post and Shoe, plus a selection of Barrel Bands. Note: all come with comprehensive fitting instructions, and further info can be found on their website.

There are 2 types of bolt handle, not different in design but for the model you own. The M5 grub screw fitting is required for the Mk I and Mk III and a bolt with a M5 round nut fitting is compatible with Mk IIs. Securing fitment apart, the handle is longer, has a wider body and a larger ball end, making for easier operation. And, if you have the optional Air Arms self-actuating 10-shot magazine conversion kit fitted, it’ll give a faster and more assured and sustained feed. Rowan also have a magazine system available, but it’s manually operated – however, what suits one doesn’t always suit all.

On the pull

Now to the trigger post and shoe; the post is machined from 6082 aluminium and black anodised, while the shoe is available in aluminium, black anodised or brass. It’s broad and well curved and adjustable for height, angle and gives a superior level of feel and shot control. The Hamster is CNC machined in black Delrin with black anodised aluminium support posts. There’s even a recess machined in the top face of the base plate, which includes a strong magnet to store/hold a spare Rowan, own-type magazine.

The S200’s production barrel band isn’t the sturdiest looking ‘support’, but the retrofit options certainly are. Manufactured from 6082 aluminium bar, with a black anodised finish, the standard design fits stocks approximately 42mm wide. They’re obviously far stronger and a rubber O-ring is fitted to cushion the barrel rendering it semi-freefloating. Alternatively, aluminium and brass options are available to fit the new one-piece stock of the Mk III.


That’s not all, if you’ve treated your S200 to a special custom stock, then there’s a clamp-type band that fits without any modification to woodwork. Other accessories include Air Reservoir Cover Caps to replace the original plastic one, Silencer Adapter to accept a ½” UNF female threaded can of choice and, for the target boys, an Air Stripper and even a Windicator. Most parts are available in Natural Aluminium, Black Anodised Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel.


  • Name: Air arms retro fit & parts
  • Prices: Adjustable Butt Pad £54.95 Cocking Bolt from £28.95 Trigger blade & Shoe from £39.95 Hamster £44.95 (one finish – black) Barrel Band from £30.95 Clamp Barrel Band from £41.95 Air Reservoir Cover Cap from £30.95 Silencer Adaptor from £24.95 Air Stripper from £46.95 Windicator from £35.95
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering, 01295 251188 www.rowanengineering.com


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