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Daytripper Max & Weekender

Daytripper Max & Weekender

When it comes to charging equipment and any associated kit for the PCP air rifle Best Fittings are continually striving to serve our requirements. As many know as well as the larger divers’ bottles, they also supply mini-charging gear for taking out into the field. First, they brought us the Daytripper – originally a standard 500cc 250-bar fill bottle with a gauge, hose and quick push button design bleed mechanism. This being charged directly from a larger 232/300-bar DIN cylinder. Now, the company offer the Daytripper MAX and the larger Weekender plus larger bottles all of which have Carbon Fibre Composite Charging Bottles.

A day out

The former measures 370mm (including valve assembly) in height x 60mm diameter and uses a 500cc 300-bar CFC cylinder fitted with the industry leading MDE ‘Jubilee’ dedicated air gun charging valve so that it can be re-filled easily from your own large cylinder or at the dive centre. There’s an original fitment luminous dial, MDE Precision Gauge plus 150mm of BF Ultima hose fitted as standard. Incredibly, the overall weight is only 980-grams and the unit gives 3+ refills on an Air Arms S410.

Something for the weekend

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Alternatively, the 1.1L 300bar ‘Weekender’ CFC cylinder has all the fitments of the smaller model but measures 425mm in height x 85mm in diameter and weighs 1.8kg. This unit gives an average 6+ refills on an Air Arms S410.


The BF Carbon Fibre Composite Charging Bottles use very high-quality precision components and are very user friendly. They’re far lighter than a standard comparably sized cylinder, but without compromising on strength or air capacity plus are very easy to transport.

Both detailed here have 5-year cylinder hydro-static test cycles and a 15yr lifespan from date of manufacture.

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  • Name: The Best Fittings Daytripper MAX and Weekender.
  • Price: SRP£175 & £199 (the latter on special offer) respectively.
  • Contact: Best Fittings best-fittings.co.uk


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