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Rowan Single Shot Loading Clip

Rowan  Single Shot Loading Clip

Rowan Engineering now supply ‘spring loaded’ single-shot loading clips for various models of popular PCPs and have now designed a ‘clip’ to be compatible with the mega popular Brocock Compatto and its latest sibling, the Bantam.

Manufactured from Delrin, the ‘loader’ simply slides into the right side of the rifle’s magazine housing and is held in place by a small grub screw located on the rear face of the unit. However, unlike most of their ‘clips’, this doesn’t open automatically when the rifle is cocked. Reason being the rifles’, ‘indexing’ mechanism won’t allow for this, so it’s designed to be easily operated by manually pushing a generously sized catch positioned on the lower front side of the unit. This allows the ‘loading arm’ to be manually lifted over and a pellet thumbed into its exposed chamber. Upon closing, the loader now holds the pellet precisely in line for probing directly into the breech and will take quality pellets under 8.5mm in length and is available in both popular calibres.

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The reason many shooters prefer ‘clips’ to a magnetic single-shot loading tray is because the pellet ‘can’ very slightly ‘tilt’ as it moves along the tray, with the possibility that upon entering the breech, it can cause damage to the head, thus effecting accuracy. Using a ‘loader’, the probe pushes the pellet straight out of the holding chamber, without chance of damage. A contentious subject or not - but there’s no disputing the fact that a Rowan clip makes loading a single pellet less fiddly, especially with cold fingers. Not forgetting it’s going to be a sure fire hit with HFT competitors.


Rowan Engineering have seen yet another opportunity and designed a very effective oneshot loading ‘clip’ for those that prefer this type of unit.


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  • Name: Rowan Single-Shot Loading Clip (SSL for the Brocock Compatto and Bantam PCP
  • Price: £44.95 in .177 or .22 calibre
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering, www.rowanengineering.com