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Rowan UNF Barrel adaptor

Rowan UNF Barrel adaptor

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Rowan Engineering have gained a deserved reputation for top quality accessories, made using an impressive array of CNC machinery. Their output is primarily aimed at the airgun enthusiast who wishes to modify their gun using high grade, add-on components. They offer an extensive range that includes; butt plate kits, windicators, single-shot loaders, magazine systems, adjustable triggers and even air strippers. All designed to fit guns from the top-tier manufacturers like BSA, Daystate, Steyr, Anschutz, Weihrauch, and Air Arms. There are various airguns on the market that do not come from the factory with threaded muzzles, making the list of compatible sound moderators very short. As a result, Rowan have developed a range of adaptors, manufactured from aluminium. They are suitable for a wide variety of makes and all of them have a flat machined underside, to allow fitting to any model with a small clearance between the barrel and the air cylinder. These units come in a variety of sizes that include; 10 14, 15,16, and 16.1mm barrel diameters. The push-fit design precisely slots over the muzzle and, once in position, is secured by grub screws and a 1.5mm Allen key. Just like that, the airgun now has the popular ½” UNF thread to accommodate one of the many after-market sound moderators available. They are available in either a polished or black anodised aluminium finish. Overall, they are well designed for the job, reasonably priced and very well made. Exactly as we have come to expect from this brand.

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  • Name: Rowan ½” UNF barrel adaptor
  • Prices: Polished Aluminium £24.95 Black Anodised £25.95
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering rowanengineering.com