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Single Shot loader

Single Shot loader

Brocock’s Compatto and Bantam PCP models have proved extremely popular since their introduction, but multi-shot designs aren’t to everyone’s taste. Single shot systems are favoured for competition for a start and here, the safety aspect of a magazine loaded rifle can be an issue.

Rowan Engineering have made quite a name for themselves, producing specialist after-market accessories and components and now make a dedicated, single shot adaptor that fits all the Compatto and Bantam models retrospectively, and quickly replaces the existing magazine system with no modifications, so you can flip between the two feed systems easily.

The adaptor is precisely made to fine tolerances, from a solid Delrin billet; and takes the form of a small block that simply pushes into place within the rifle’s action. The fit is precise and snug, but the design also includes a small grub screw, which can be used for peace of mind, to keep everything secure. Once in position, just flip the spring-loaded side bar upwards, chamber a pellet into the aperture, close the bar, and the shot is ready. Fitting is simple, but instructions are supplied from Rowan, along with the appropriate Allen key for the retaining grub screw.
Neat and highly effective.


  • Price: £44.95
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering 01295 251188 rowanengineering.com


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