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Burris XTR Signature Rings

Burris XTR Signature Rings

Since the advent of longer range shooting, one problem has been the means of getting maximum adjustment out of your scope. Put simply, pushing out to 1000m and beyond requires a lot of elevation adjustment, even using purpose-built optics.

Minute of…

The ideal solution is a one-piece, scope rail (base) that incorporates a slight downwards angle, meaning the scope is set lower at the front (objective), so forcing the user to bring it up more, therefore increasing its adjustment potential. Bases are offered described in terms of Minute of Angle (MOA). This is a measurement that subtends 1/60th of a degree and measures 1.047” at 100 yards. It’s cumulative, meaning it increases as does the range, so at 800 yards, 1 MOA = 8.376”.

Burris, offer an alternative to the fixed MOA rail in the form of their XTR Signature rings combined with a series of synthetic inner ring liners (Pos-Align Offset Inserts) that allow you to set the MOA deviation you require, vertical or horizontal, even when using zero MOA bases.


The kit consists of 2 x TORX keys and a set of deep, XTR rings using three screws per side, with self-aligning claws and recoil stud for Picatinny rails. There are five sets of inserts, all having +/- top and bottom sections marked + or – with the appropriate values: 2 x 20s, 1 x 5 and 1 x 10, plus a 0 MOA set.

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The interiors of the rings are slightly concave so will accept and retain the inserts, plus they offer excellent ring/body tube alignment and protection. The inserts must be used in their matched pairs (+ & -) but can be positioned front or back to achieve the angle you want. Equally, they can be used horizontally for windage-type correction.

Say you want 20 MOA inclination (objective down). Simply fit the negative (0 MOA) inserts top and bottom in the front ring, then the +20 in the bottom and -20 in the top of the rear ring. The reverse positioning will raise the objective and lower the eyepiece. This process stands true for the supplied ring dimensions; 5, 10 and 20 MOA, all using the 0 inserts front or rear.

Mix & match

It’s also possible to mix & match. If you want 25 MOA of objective inclination, then fit -20 top and +20 bottom (rear) and +5 top and -5 bottom (front). Equally, you can use the other inserts to give multiple options of 15, 25, 30 and 40 MOA, the last by using both sets of 20s.

Burris offer the XTR rings/insert kits in various heights and 30 and 34mm options. If this is your first time using the variable MOA, then get used to how it all works. The only real caveat I can see is the correct positioning of the inserts in relation to the angle you are trying to achieve. Conversely, if your bases are not concentrically fitted you could to a degree correct scope/bore alignment.

Where it also scores is being able to centre the reticle and then adjust it, without having to use the turrets. In this way, you can possibly achieve nearmaximum correction for longer range shooting. As can be seen, there are quite a few possibilities.

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  • Burris XTR Signature Rings - image {image:count}

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  • Burris XTR Signature Rings - image {image:count}

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  • Burris XTR Signature Rings - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Burris XTR Signature Rings with Pos-Align, Offset Inserts
  • Price: 30mm £110, 34mm £145
  • Contact: GMK Ltd – www.gmk.co.uk


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