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High Rib Carbon Fibre Shotgun rib

High Rib Carbon Fibre Shotgun rib

High Rib

Mark Stone

If clay shooting has one current topic that’s causing a great stir it’s the increasing popularity of the high rib shotguns. Adopted in the first instance by trap shooters and developed over recent years by Krieghoff, Guerini and Perazzi into an art form, the number of high rib devotees continues to grow as this elevated phenomena grows ever higher. But whilst you can now buy various shotguns with high ribs as standard there’s now an even easier, cheaper way into the world of the high rib.

Instant Conversion

Designed and manufactured by David Connor, a keen advocate of the raised or elevated rib, the HighRib instantly converts your existing shotgun, a series of small, strong magnets clamping the auxiliary rib on top of your existing barrels. The really great thing is it doesn’t need any clamps, won’t damage your gun in any way and can be removed in seconds.

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“The HighRib is constructed from carbon fibre laminate and weighs hardly anything so it doesn’t affect how your shotgun handles”, explained David. “The only thing you’ll have to do is alter your adjustable comb or fit a comb raiser, something we can also supply. The rule of thumb is that for example, if you fit a 20mm HighRib you’ll need to lift the comb by the exact same amount. Part from that, if your gun fit you before you attached the HighRib it’ll still fit and feel exactly how it did before; the only difference being your head will be higher and your sight picture vastly improved. You don’t even need to remove your bead, a small area around the magnets purpose built to allow the HighRib to fit over the top”.

Sized To Suit

Apart from the two standard heights of 10mm and 20mm along with the usual standard barrel lengths of 28”, 30” and 32”, shooters can specify their own exact requirements of length and height to suit their own personal style even down to having their names incorporated into the stanchions that keep the HighRib aloft.

The instant benefit of the HighRib is that the conversion is immediate, the HighRib magnets ensuring it stays exactly where you placed it until you need to pack it away again. And once you’ve fitted it a whole new world of shooting opens up to you. With a more upright stance coupled to the fact your head isn’t squat on the stock and that your eyes are back looking out of the centre of their sockets your shooting becomes almost panoramic. You pick the targets up far earlier, whilst the rib and bright red bead seemingly drag your gun’s muzzles into their intended killing zone, so that every aspect of your clay shooting just seems to become easier. Where the HighRib also impresses is in the quality and standard of finish; the rib actually looks like it should be there and not some low budget aftermarket add – on.

Customer Service

“The other benefit of the HighRib is that if you find you don’t like it you can take it off simply by pulling it away from the barrels whereas if you’ve bought a high rib shotgun you can only sell it on to another shooter who wants one. With the HighRib nothing changes. Equally, if you order a 10mm and find a 20mm would be better, providing it’s exactly as we sent it out, we’ll exchange it for you days, weeks or months down the line. The last things we want at HighRib are unhappy customers, what we do want are shooters who love the product and recommend others buy one as well. We’ve even made one especially for a side-by-side shooter with eye problems. After we sorted out his exact needs, this game shooter has gone from considering stopping shooting to being able to enjoy many more seasons”.

Compared to buying an elevated rib competition shotgun, the HighRib is a positive bargain, £225 getting you the 10mm version, the 20mm setting you back £245 whilst personal needs, non-standard lengths and comb raisers will add just a few more pounds to the final total.

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