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Hogue Beavertail Grip & Collapsible Buttstock Combo

Hogue Beavertail Grip & Collapsible Buttstock Combo

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Most AR15s today use after-market components; the most popular are some form of grip replacement, as the standard A2 unit lacks in purpose, and an LOP-adjustable, telescopic butt used originally on the CAR15 carbine. They look cool, and you can shorten the rifle easily for stowage and easily sort out any LOP problems. Dozens of companies offers this sort of kit, but Hogue have now got this down to a single package with their Beavertail Grip & Collapsible Buttstock combo. The grip will be familiar with its rubber over-moulded build, cobblestone, textured finish, finger grooves and extended back strap for improved trigger finger position. The Buttstock looks a bit like a Magpul with its skeleton build and is made of tough polymer. The recoil pad is rubber and there’s a rubber over-moulded wrap around the comb section of the tube. The locking lever is the simple, pull-up style and there are three, ambidextrous QD sling swivel sockets.

Hogue says it’s designed to fit any commercial buffer tube, a Mil-spec version is also offered, as are various colour choices. In use, it slides easily and engages solidly, though as with most there’s a tiny bit of play.

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