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Easy Hit PX-S2000

Easy Hit PX-S2000

Shooting a shotgun might seem easy to some people; put the gun up, find the target and boom! It’s not that easy of course and some people really struggle to get on target consistently and even shotguns with twin sighting beads aren’t always the easiest things for some shooters to master. On shotguns with front and rear beads, both beads must be perfectly aligned for the shot to be true. Any deviation left, right, up, or down will cause your shot to be slightly off. Which means a big chance of missing your target – whether that target is a clay or game bird.

The EasyHit PX S2000 is a combination red dot/ fiber optic sight designed for use with shotguns, designed for fast, parallax-free, unlimited eye relief point and shoot shooting for game and clays. It’s also perfect for practical shotgun, target shotgun, vermin control or any situation where you need a clear, fast, easy confident sight picture.

Design concept

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The concept is simple – the fiber optic light pipe located on the rear of the sight collects ambient light, then the coating on the front lens reflects an illuminated reticle. No LEDs, no wiring, no batteries, no switches! There are no electrical components that can fail to work just as you are taking your best shot. It’s made of waterproof, anodised aerospace aluminium and with a total weight is 50-grams it’s very light, so won’t alter the way your shotgun feels or handles. The EasyHit is attached to the shotgun’s rib using allen screws front and rear and zeroed using screws at the top and is held securely during use and fits any flat rib from 5 - 12mm width. There is also a kit available for use on Picatinny rails. It has a double glass mirror for easy cleaning and the Fibre optic will last for 100-years under normal use.

What makes the EasyHit PXS 2000 so unique is that is functions exactly like a red dot or a reflex sight fitted to a rifle, yet it’s specifically designed for shotgun use, where quick target acquisition and accuracy is paramount. You’ll get on target faster and more accurately than you would with a bead or scope. How is this possible? To understand how the PSX 2000 works, you first need to understand the concepts behind how the optical elements work. On shoguns with a magnified scope, the situation is similar; your eye has to be at the correct distance from the eyepiece, and perfectly aligned, so that your sight picture isn’t black around the edges. The EasyHit PXS eliminates these problems: because it only has one non-magnified lens element and like a red dot or reflex sight, there is absolutely no eye relief or exit pupil.

Easy like…

What does this mean? It means that as long as you can see the reticle on the lens, that is where your shot is going to land. Whether it’s off to the side, up, or down, the reticle represents a kill shot. Shoulder the gun, keep both eyes open, and pull the trigger. This is the same reason why law enforcement and military use red dot sights. It makes the process of acquiring and maintaining a target almost second nature. Studies show that the EasyHit works and many satisfied customers have been using them to good effect for many years. We will soon be putting one through its paces, so look out for a full review soon.

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  • Name: EasyHit PX-S2000 Fibre Optic Red Circle Dot
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Reticle: Circle dot
  • Mount type: Shotgun rib 5-12mm width fit
  • Objective diameter: 27mm
  • Field of view: Infinite
  • Eye relief: Infinite
  • Lens coatings: Fully coated
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Size: 154 x 40 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 2-ounces – 50-grams
  • Included accessories: Allen key
  • Price: £144.95
  • Contact: EasyHit www.easyhit.co.uk
  • Stockist: Tactical Scope www.tacticalscope.co.uk