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Armex Multi Gun Cleaning Kit

Armex Multi Gun Cleaning Kit

No matter what type of gun you use, the barrel will eventually need cleaning. Some guns obviously require more cleaning than others; a pre-charged pneumatic airgun firing soft lead pellets, propelled by clean, dry, filtered air may not need cleaning for ages but a black powder rifle or pistol that shoots lead balls or bullets powered by black powder may need a clean after only 5-10 shots! Similarly, a .22 rimfire may go years without a clean with no loss of accuracy, but a similar sized .22 centrefire may get badly fouled with copper very quickly, especially when new, where the bore can be quite rough to start with. Shotguns also need a good scrub too, as even though the shot is contained within a wad, plastic fouling can be very hard to remove.

Armex have a wide range of accessories and their Multi Gun Cleaning Kit is perfect for the keen rifle and shotgun shooter. The kit comes in an attractive wooden box with a plastic tray that’s moulded to keep all the contents in place. There are two sets of brass rods that screw together to form a 30-inch cleaning rod; one is for .17- .45 calibre bores, the other is for shotgun barrels. The bottom rod has a swivel attached, so that the plastic T-shaped handle rotates in use, vital if the brushes are to follow the barrel’s rifling; a brass adaptor, suitable for each for each type of rod is included.

Brushing up

There are a series of 10 copper cleaning brushes that range in size from .17 calibre airguns and firearms, all the way up to 12-bore shotguns – this kit is very versatile! These brushes are perfect for giving the bore a really good scrub out and if combined with a suitable solvent (not supplied) will really get to work on ingrained copper and powder fouling.

There are also five different cleaning mops, just the job for applying solvent prior to a good scrubbing with the brushes. The mops can also be used for applying a protective layer of oil before storing guns.

As if that’s not enough, there are also two plastic slotted tips for the rods that can take cleaning patches. There look to be about 100 4x3-inches patches but I wasn’t going to count them! I gave several rifles and shotguns a clean with this kit and it certainly does the job! It’s nice to have everything in one place and for someone like me, into airguns, shotguns, rimfire and fullbore rifles it’s perfect.


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