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Javelin Sucker II

Javelin Sucker II

I’m a sucker for vacuum mounts and have always looked to the photographic industry for inspiration, as there are a host of camera accessories with ¼” to 3/8” thread forms on offer, that can be easily retro-tasked to the world of shooting. So, how do you incorporate Spartan’s magnetic system? Well, there’s the Sucker mount that uses an industry-grade, Wood’s Powr-Grip. As a company, they make a range of vacuum cups for lifting all sorts of things, from sheet of glass to heavier items. When Spartan introduced the Sucker, it was designed to accept the new Davros head; essentially the top of their Sentinel tripod.

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It offers a quick and easy way of attaching a Javelin-enabled rifle to the Davros’ spigot and then to the bonnet of your truck, or any similar, compatible surface using the Sucker, be it flat, angled or vertical. In use, it works well, offering a stable and practical mount, but I found it a bit low. The new Weiner option sorts this out and I consider it a far more comprehensive system. Normal vacuum cups use an over top-deadcentre lever to create the bond. The Wood’s Powr-Grip, Model: LJ45AM suction cup that Spartan uses doesn’t, instead it generates a stronger vacuum seal by a more practical and powerful, integral, plunger pump.

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All you do is place it on the surface and push down and hold it then pump the plunger until it recedes into the chamber.

It’s rated to hold loads of up to 18 kg, which is impressive. To release, just pinch up on the two opposed lugs on the exterior of the cup. Spartan modify the top section with a pillar that the base with integral arm attaches to; this split clamp rotates through 360º and uses a 3-lug thumb nut so secure it. In use, it’s nice and stiff, so offers a firm movement anyway.


At the top of this section, is an integral arm that supports the side linkage plates and allows them to hinge. At the top is the standard, ball-ended spigot from the Sentinel tripod, which is retained by concave sockets on either side. Tension again is supplied by a second 3-lug nut, which tightens the spigot once the position is set. The arm hinges through 270º from vertical to horizontal and combined with the 360º rotation makes for an incredibly versatile support system for many needs. In use, it offers minimum and maximum heights of 5.5 – 7.7”, measured from the base to the rifle socket, plus can angle and rotate as required; by comparison, the Davros is a fixed 4.5”. I foresee a few adaptations of the Weiner, as using my Mr G Clamp on the spigot I can also mount a camera or spotting scope and still make use of the adjustable arm facility.

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  • Price: £99.60
  • Contact: Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd; www.javelinbipod.co.uk


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