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Spartan Lightweight Bipod Leg Extensions

Spartan Lightweight Bipod Leg Extensions

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Javelin bipods have proved a continuing success for their inventors Spartan Precision Products. The design has been upgraded and expanded into a number of products, including a full-height tripod – The Kapita. There are two main selling points of the Javelin; it uses a catch-free magnetic attachment system, so is plugged in as and when needed, then quickly removed when not. Second – the majority of components are made from carbon fibre so strength and lightness are guaranteed. Plus they offer both lockable cant (rolling from centre) and traverse (side-to-side) target tracking along with extendable legs and both hard and soft feet to cover all surfaces. There are two versions – the Standard with height adjustment from 6.5-9.5” and the Long Leg – 8.5-13”. But what if you want more? Well that’s covered too with their new leg extensions, which are a single, 23”, fixed leg with the usual spike and rubber foot that replace the short extensions on either the Standard or Long versions. Ideal for shooting sitting in medium height cover. Measured from the base of the spigot they offer a height adjustment of 19.25 – 23.25” (Standard) and 22.5-26.5” (Long) and simply plug in and adjust as before. All Spartan products are now being distributed (trade only) by RUAG UK.

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