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Webley Pro-Tilt Bipod

Webley Pro-Tilt Bipod

The Webley Pro-Tilt Bipods are not exactly what you could call the ‘new kids on the block’ but due to their usefulness and upgraded design, they are just as relevant now as they were when the original models were first launched.

They are well manufactured using heat-treated steels and hard alloys, plus feature a hard-black anodised finish. The tilting base section attaches to a standard forend sling swivel stud by two ‘lugged arms’ that extend upwards through the base. Tightening the knurled thumbscrew underneath then draws the bipod base up to sit flush with the underside of the stock. The bipod’s tilt/cant facility allows for instant levelling.

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To prevent the whole unit from ‘flopping around’ when the rifle is being carried there’s a ‘Tilt Screw Lock’ at the rear of the base. This can also be used to adjust the tension of the tilt facility.

The legs are infinitely adjustable along their length of travel due to the press-in Lock Release Catches. The adjustable spring-tensioned legs also have generously sized rubber feet, which allow for a very sure stance on any terrain.

The legs lockout in the open or closed position by using external springs sheathed by highly effective ‘Noise Reducing Spring Covers.’ These thick rubber sleeves not only protect the springs from the elements and getting clogged up with mud and debris, but significantly reduce any potential noise during operation.

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  • Name: Webley Pro-Tilt Fully Adjustable Bipod
  • Sizes: 6-9” or 9-13”
  • Price: £52.99 & £55.99 respectively
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors - www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk