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Bisley Pellet Pouch

Bisley Pellet Pouch

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Most airgunners realise that emptying pellets into your pocket just isn’t on. It’s been done for years but with pellet prices seemingly ever on the increase, it makes sense that shooters are paying more attention to the way they transport ammo. When you consider the amount of high quality pellets John Rothery Wholesale Distribute then it should come as no surprise that they’d also provide a dedicated pouch.

Measuring 4 ¼ x 4 ¾ inches (empty) the Bisley Pellet Pouch is made from a very hard wearing green nylon, with a black trim. The design is such that only two inches of the front bottom section actually holds the pellets and is lined but with a ‘pelletfriendly’ smooth waterproof inner. When the Velcro fastened front section is opened, the sides articulate outwards to reveal a spacious ‘holding area’ with a ‘curved profile’ at the bottom. The amount of heavier duty nylon material used above is to give the pouch strength and rigidity. At the top it folds tight back and over on itself to form a generous size belt loop. It’s very well stitched to the back of the pouch inkeeping with its high-quality construction. The lined and waterproof inner will holds at least 250 pellets in .22 calibre and considerably more in .177 and they are easy to access.

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