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Boretech Walnut Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Boretech Walnut Shotgun Cleaning Kit

I have been using Bore Tech products for years now, to really give my rifles the deep clean that they deserve, as they do get a lot of use! But for whatever reason, I let the shotgun side of their cleaning products pass me by - big mistake!

We tested the new Shotgun Blend bore cleaner recently and I was impressed at its performance to cleanse the barrels of lead, carbon, and plastic deposits. But I neglected the actual cleaning rod and brushes that I was using. So here we have Bore Techs 12 gauge shotgun cleaning kit which has all you need to clean your smoothbore thoroughly.


The kit comprises of a plastic carrying container split into four segments that house the three-piece rod, phosphor bronze brush, polymer jag, wool mop, and sachet of the Shotgun Blend cleaning solution.

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Firstly, that rod, it’s refreshing to see a good old fashioned wood one instead of your usual plastic-types. Bore Tech use American walnut, as it’s both strong and far nicer looking than a synthetic and has a thin lacquer to stop solution ingress. The ribbed handle offers a good grip and each end of the three interconnecting rods has a threaded brass ferrule for easy assembly. When together they form a straight and rigid design with a maximum length of 32.25” without brushes attached.


The Phosphor bronze brush that’s used for initial scrubbing, has a well-cut aluminium thread and uniform bristles which seem to reverse travel well. The wool mop, which I use to apply gun oil after cleaning to prevent corrosion has a well flocked padding for good bore coverage. Best of all is the jag, which is used in conjunction with patches to wet the shotgun’s bore prior to and after scrubbing with the brushes.

It’s an all-polymer unit, so won’t stain and avoids contamination too and has a really good fit to the 12 gauge barrel. The front portion has a swelled end of 0.703” diameter that has four vertical petals that allow the front section to constrict a little when passing down the bore avoiding stoppages. Within this section is a prominent red spear point that secures the patch, which then folds around the jag’s body.

Maximum coverage

This system makes sure the maximum amount of the patch is touching the bore at all times and thus gives a better clean than normal jags I have used before. In conjunction with the round Bore Tech 12 gauge patches that are well cut without frayed edges they absorb and hold the Shotgun Blend solution very well and evenly. They are 3.5” in diameter and when pierced onto the jag they really do apply the cleaning solution to all areas of the bore and similarly, when passing through clean ones, remove all the debris loosened by the cleaning fluid.


I was impressed with the thoroughness of the Shotgun Blend cleaner last review and the Bore Tech cleaning kit is a perfect solution to keeping your shotgun’s bores spotless too.

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