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Ogdens Quick Slip Rifle Case

Ogdens Quick Slip Rifle Case

I’ve been a bore on the subject, but it has always amazed me just how few properly waterproof gun cases there are on the market. I accept that once you start to machine into the fabric, you are immediately creating possible entry points for moisture, and nothing will be 100% watertight, bar a plastic hard case. Where soft cases are concerned though, quality of design in this area varies enormously. Full ‘duck’s back’ drain off designs are few and far between and there must be a market for them!

We spend increasing amounts of cash on prestigious pieces of craftsmanship, it pays to have a level of protection to safeguard our investment.


Ogden’s Shooting Supplies are a bespoke English manufacturer that produce high-class specialist accessories such as game bags, cartridge bags, fishing products and leather goods. Their expanding range of gun cases is gaining a reputation for quality, with no compromise in the build. On test is their ‘Quickslip’, and the deceptively lowkey name belies the level of detail and research that has gone into this high-end product.

As Phil Ogden, the man behind the business explains, the case was developed over 12 months with help and input from stalkers at BASC. Several samples were made and the design tweaked, as constructive criticism and suggestions were taken on board. “We have tried most rifles with scope/bi-pod/moderators attached and come up with two universal sizes that best suit modern-day stalking”.


OK, my interest is predominantly airgun, but this case is equally at home across all the shooting disciplines. My sample for the test was supplied as a 50” spec, but a 54” version is also available.

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Pick up this case and there is a solid, quality feel from the off, and one glance over the technical specification soon reveals why. The main shell is made from ‘drab olive ballistic nylon’, apparently used for added strength/ durability, and only found in military gear. Webbing handles are box stitched and bar-tacked, which translates to a seriously robust construction that is made to last.

The webbing handles sit within a rubber-type wrap-around grip, that stud fastens. Choose to sling the case over the back, and twin shoulder straps are fitted for just such an approach. These have enclosed hard cell foam too, and incorporate a chest strap that fastens on a quick release buckle. Again, attention to detail means that there are plenty of additional mounting points, so the straps can be moved around and positioned for comfort, or temporarily removed altogether. Leather trims on each end of the case look the part, but they’re not just for show, as they also provide added strength.

Cosy lining

Inside is a snug black ‘velcrotex velore’ lining with 25mm foam padding, whilst the bottom 12” of the lining gets a protective layer of Cordura to stop the barrel causing excessive wear/damage. Again, it’s details such as this that are the result of feedback from those stalkers.

I sat a sizeable Impact GSX600 air rifle, complete with a scope fitted, into the Quickslip and it sank away with room to spare. The fact that you can sit the butt of the rifle into an inner pouch also helps keep everything safe and secure.

So what of the waterproof aspect? Well having had a conversation with Phil about my pet moan, he was at pains to relay the fact that these Quickslips are one of the few cases that really go to town in this area, with the official line stating the case: “We have gone to great lengths to make our Quickslips as watertight as possible by incorporating a water-resistant drop liner behind the foam to form a waterproof barrier“. What makes these cases stand out though, is the quality of all the components used, and that includes top quality waterproof zips. All importantly, the design keeps them quiet in use, whilst a small loop feature allows them to be secured together with a padlock if required.

And finally

A large outer pocket sits on the front of the case, and this has a main outer zip, a front zip-up pouch, and even a discreet zip-up inner pocket, for documents etc. All in all, then, a top-class rifle case, made from highgrade materials, in England.

Not cheap, but if you want the best, that offers proper protection and is clearly built to last, then these classy products from Ogdens have to be a sound investment for any serious enthusiast.

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  • Ogdens Quick Slip Rifle Case - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Ogden's Quickslip Rifle Case
  • Length: 50” or 54”
  • Price: £124.95
  • Contact: Ogden's Shooting Supplieswww. ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk


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