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Wisport Falcon Weapon Backpack

Wisport Falcon Weapon Backpack

Wisport manufacture an extensive range of carry systems and they are all made to a very high standard. The Falcon weapon backpack on test is their fully dedicated rifle carrier and it has some very useful and unique features that make it ideal for that purpose.

The dedicated rifle compartment is stiffened front and back to give the rifle plenty of protection and the detachable ‘lid’ is semi-rigid to ensure that it too can withstand any knocks and bumps. Inside there is a single strap, with a quick release buckle, to secure the rifle and a snow collar to prevent water getting in. Wisport say this compartment will hold a rifle just over 43-inches long, and in practice it will by extending the straps that hold the lid in place, but in reality the maximum length of gun it will hold fully covered is more like 41-inches. The accommodation that this backpack provides for a rifle is top notch and it is great for transporting a gun over some distance over rough ground where it might otherwise get knocked about. Being a truly hands-free carry it also allows you to use binoculars and sticks unhindered making it ideal for stalking.

On the outside

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The back and side of the backpack are covered in attachment points so you can add on all the accessory compartments you need. Ammunition, binoculars and other accessories can be positioned where you like so they are easily at hand and shooting sticks sit really well on the sides.

All of the Wisport packs I have seen have really good shoulder straps and this one is no exception. The straps are very well-padded and shaped to give a comfortable carry and they are fully adjustable. The waist belt, which is removable, is also heavily padded with a massive quick-release buckle and, like the shoulder straps it has numerous attachment points for accessories. The surfaces on the inside of the shoulder straps, the waist band and the backpack itself have an ‘Air Net’ mesh outer to aid ventilation and prevent sweating at these contact points.

The clever bit

If you prefer not to attach your accessories to the outside of the backpack, keeping it snag free, then you can use a very clever facility that Wisport call an ‘extendable space’ to incorporate a second pack inside the Falcon and carry all of your kit together. On the back there is a separate outer panel, held in place with nine compression straps, which creates a space between the compartment holding the rifle and the back of the pack itself. By loosening the compression straps you can add a large bag holding all of your gear and ‘sandwich’ it securely within the Falcon backpack and carry everything on one set of shoulder straps. Shooting mats and camping gear will also sit in this space.


This is a purpose-made gun carrier and it works really well. Although it won’t take longer rifles under cover, it certainly holds those that do fit very well. You can of course carry longer rifles with the detachable lid removed, so long as you are in an environment where it if ok to have the gun visible. The bag is relatively heavy but that is down to the high level of protection it provides to the gun, which is second to none. The quality is great and all of the materials used look built to last.

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  • Name: Wisport Falcon Weapon Backpack
  • Price: £149.95
  • Contact: Military 1st: military1st.co.uk