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Wardfield Lightgun Carrier

Wardfield Lightgun Carrier

Innovation has always been a keen talent here on these shores and it still amazes me how ingenious people can be at inventing new products, that when used, one thinks: “why has this not been done before?”

If you are a seasoned game shooter or field shot gun user, or even on the clay grounds, to carry a shotgun is a slip or cradled in the arms with the gun open is the norm. This is fine but after a while the weight becomes apparent, so too is the lack of use of your hands. An English firm called Wardfield Sporting Goods Ltd decided to address this dilemma and have come up with a really novel and excellent solution to that problem.

We have slings for rifles to take the weight but on a shotgun that needs an unencumbered swing, a sling attached to the gun is undesirable; why not keep the sling on you to take the strain and have the gun as the removable part? Brilliant! What you have is an over the shoulder adjustable sling system that has a shotgun holder at the end where an open over/under or side by side can be rested. The Lightgun was born.

This is premium product, as it is exceedingly well-made from leather and olive green fabric webbing with brass fittings and buckles and all hand-stitched together. This is crafted to last and as such retails at £239

Light spec

The Lightgun is supplied in a box containing the sling, gun carrier, cotton pouch and leather cream, this is a quality item built to last. You have two major parts, the sling system and the shotgun carrier. This means if you use both a S/S or O/U gun, all you have to do to use either is switch the gun carry as a spare. The sling is a made from three major fabrics. The sling is a tough olive green coloured webbing that is two-inches wide and has brass loops to attach to the other parts.

This allows the sling to adjust for any torso length and also for your preferred height - i.e. some people who tried it liked the idea that it could be a bit higher to protect their expensive guns under the arm, whilst others liked it slung lowered for a quick access. We tried it at 28-inches from top of shoulder to gun carrier and that seemed a good level for stability and ease of use.

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Below the brass loops are two further webbed sections but they have superb quality leather padding and attachment points. A large leather 6.25- by 2-inch section is stitched front and back to the front strap that has the Wardfield logo embossed. Below this, is the fully leather ‘V’ shaped yoke that has another leather and brass buckle, to which the gun carrier section can be attached.

Before that, I have to mention the leather work. The quality is superb, both in strength and colour, it is high grade and grain leather that is strong yet supple and has a nice honey/tan hue to it. Best of all, is the precise stitching holding the leather together and to the webbed sections that is expertly done all by hand.

The buckle section forms a loop, so that it can be threaded through an aperture in the gun carrier. Again, a superbly made item that has a skeleton of metal in a 3D ‘L’ shape, with a protruding lip section all clad in leather.

The long part of the L has the loop hole and the gun is cradled by the front lowered section. The width and size are dictated by the orientation and calibre of your shotgun, so specify this before you purchase. To the front of the gun cradle is an angled leather clad tang that supports the barrels with the gun in the open state.

In use

It’s amazing how secure a gun feels in the Lightgun, as it is supported by the cradle for a hands-free carry and takes all the weight off your hands and puts it onto the shoulder. We used it out in the field with my son’s Browning B325 20-gauge shotgun and Jake had his first duck and then three further pheasants. On a long wait on a stand, the Lightgun really takes the strain and allows an unfatigued stance and keeps you fresh when the game comes over or pigeon flighting in the field.

You can also personalise your Lightgun with embossed name or logo, as well as the additional of a cartridge holder, which sounds like a really good idea, as it doubles the usefulness of the Lightgun.


A brilliant, simple idea but superbly executed and made in England by real craftsmen. It really works and lightens the load for shotgunner. I really hope Wardfield make some more accessories in Leather i.e. binocular straps and rifle slings and knife belts or ammo pouches, as the quality of leather work is superb; quality costs but lasts.

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  • Name: Wardfield Lightgun Carrier
  • Contact: Wardfield Sporting Goods Ltd.
  • Price: £239


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