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Mustang Pistol belts

Mustang Pistol belts

When it has come to sturdy and reliable pistol belts, there’s been a constant debate as to what works best, but the latest offering from Direct Action offers a whole heap of choice.

For years, I’ve been wearing the same bulky, yet wellpadded ‘battlebelt’ setup when I travel abroad for some trigger time with ‘proper’ handguns, which gives great comfort and the ability to ‘bolt on’ a Kydex holster, a micro dumppouch, a couple of magazine pouches etc. In addition to a minimal chest-rig and a lowprofile plate carrier that has been me set for most rangerelated training eventualities.

Recently, I’ve noticed many of my colleagues moving to slimmer belts, often in the form of a two-piece system of inner and outer belt; many wellreputed tactical gear companies use the same system.

The inner

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At the IWA Show in 2017, I spoke to the guys at Direct Action and, sure enough, they were offering some belt systems along these lines. As the old ‘battlebelt’ was beginning to show its age (much like its owner!) I decided to phase in a new system before I was forced to, and the Mustang inner and outer belt system really took my fancy, especially as it comes in my favourite PenCott GreenZone!

The low-profile Mustang inner belt works simply as a trouser belt and as a stabiliser for both the Mustang and Warhawk outer belts. As it attaches to the inner Velcro loop panels of those belts, it prevents ride-up during dynamic movement or when drawing a pistol from a holster; there’s no need to use braces or a drop leg panel to achieve a secure pistol draw. Made from a proprietary laminate and Velcro, this is simply a flat, feather-light accessory to keep your pants up and your working equipment belt where you’d expect it to be. The ultrathin profile of the trouser belt effectively eliminates ‘buckle over buckle’ discomfort and can be worn all day long.

The outer

Made from heavy-duty tubular webbing, proprietary laminate, and lined with Velcro loop, the Mustang Rescue/Gun belt is bartack-reinforced in stress points, stiffened to carry the weight of holsters and magazine pouches and secures with a certified AustriAlpin Cobra buckle. There’s an anchor point for carabiner/lanyard/tether next to the buckle, and this is compatible with FROG buckle or shackles. It’s Velcro-loop lined on the inside, so that it mates perfectly with the inner trouser belt, so you can have all your range-ready kit premounted and be good to go within seconds. Direct Action say: “As sleek as its famous namesake, our MUSTANG tapered gun belt is lightweight, slim and rigid. It can be worn alone as a trouser belt, or as a duty belt in combination with the matching inner belt, or together with the MOSQUITO modular belt sleeve.”

The Mustang two-piece system gives you all the versatility and performance you need, backed up with rocksolid fabrics and components, and superlative craftsmanship. I’ve worn my personal setup regularly and already given it some serious abuse and thus far it’s been nothing but exemplary. In fact, I’m so impressed that I’ve just ordered the slightly wider Warhawk outer belt from my friends at Scott Country, along with a spare inner!

For more information on Direct Action, please do visit eu.directactiongear.com but if you’re in the UK and want to check the gear out then go direct to scottcountry.co.uk

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  • Name: Mustang inner belt
  • Price: £19.99
  • Rescue Gun Belt: £55.90
  • Contact: scottcountry.co.uk and eu.directactiongear.com