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Jack Pyke Snaky Bore Cleaner & Kit

Jack Pyke Snaky Bore Cleaner & Kit

Although not everyone’s favourite task, keeping your shotgun clean is very important, especially if you want it to last! Not only can fouling interfere with the mechanics, potentially making it unreliable or even dangerous, but it can also establish itself in the barrels and obscure corrosion and rust, which is obviously not what you want! Therefore, after shooting, it’s a good idea to remove as much fouling as possible from the barrels and then apply a thin layer of oil to protect the metal whilst the gun is in storage.

There are loads of cleaning products on the market, including the Jack Pyke (JP) Shotgun Cleaning Kit and their Snaky Shotgun Bore Cleaner. Both are affordable options.

What’s in the box?

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The JP Shotgun Cleaning Kit is available in 12 or 20-gauge and .410, so the three most popular sizes. It comes in a compact, 2-piece plastic case that measures 12” x 2.5” x 1.25” (LxWxD). Inside, there is a 4-piece brass rod set (despite the packaging describing it as a 3-piece set) with a freelyrotating plastic handle. The brass rods show decent quality threads and screw together easily, reaching a combined overall length of 36.”, including the 3.5” handle. This means the kit will cater for barrels up to 33”, with an attachment added.

Speaking of attachments, you get a single bronze brush and two wool mops. I would probably attach the first mop and use it to push some paper towels down the bores, thus removing the majority of the crud without getting the mop too dirty. I would then loosen the remaining fouling by passing the bronze brush back and forth while soaked in an appropriate cleaning fluid, focusing on the first 6” of the barrel (chamber end). I would then use the same mop, or more paper towels, to remove the fouling, before applying a thin layer of oil using the remaining clean mop.


An alternative to the traditional shotgun cleaning kit, is the very portable JP Snaky Bore Cleaner, which is available for 20 and 12-gauge shotguns only. The build shows a brass weight (displaying the appropriate calibre) attached to a 42” piece of paracord. This is then attached to the 27.5” main body of the snake, which shows a fluffy tip, followed by 2x in-built bronze brush sections. It then terminates with a wider/thicker piece of material.

The idea of the design is that the brass weight is lowered through the barrel (chamber end), and out of the muzzle, allowing the user to pull the Snaky through the bore. The huge surface area of this piece of kit means that a lot of cleaning work gets done with each pull-through. The fluffy tip should push out the larger pieces of fouling, while the brushes loosen the tricker stuff, before the wider end of the Snaky pulls it all out as it exits the muzzle. You can even soak the Snaky, just behind the fluffy tip, with some cleaning fluid, while also adding some gun oil to the end of the snake to add that all-important layer of protection before the gun is stored!

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  • Name: Jack Pyke Shotgun Cleaning Kit and Snaky Bore Cleaner
  • Prices: £14.95 and £12.95, respectively
  • Contact: Jack Pyke - www.jackpyke.co.uk