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Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer

Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer

Silencers are a popular accessory for a variety of reasons, but their effect on down range performance isn’t always a foregone conclusion. Whilst they can make some difference to the down range report of a spring-powered airgun, with so much mechanical noise from the action to consider, the end result is often quite disappointing. However, where the use of silencers/moderators really makes a difference is when they are fitted to pre-charged pneumatics.

Technology at play

Air expansion and airflow dynamics are actually surprisingly complex subjects, and Air Arms’new Q-Tec Silencer is the result of some serious research. The result is not only aesthetically pleasing but quite dramatic where it matters - in the field. Fluid dynamics and simulation systems were utilized in the development process, and the end result is nothing if not impressive.

The design

The new model is calibre specific, whereby the path through the silencer body is made so it is just a fraction larger than the diameter of the pellet itself. This ensures that the majority of spent air is captured and dissipated efficiently through the unit, rather than allowed to escape unrestrained behind the pellet. The design sees the pellet exit the barrel, enter a ‘still air’ chamber, then pass through a series of five baffles, and finally exit the unit in as unruffled a manner as possible.

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The maximum sound reduction is the aim, and in the Q-Tec, I think the company has largely achieved their goal. Air Arms claim that the Q-Tec is some 10.92% quieter than the market leader, and whilst I wasn’t able to validate this with any scientific equipment on test, I was able to compare the new model alongside several rivals and an earlier Air Arms factory moderator. It was here that the Q-Tec proved not only impressively muted alongside, but an obvious outright winner.

A low reflection, super hard-wearing matt black finish is highly practical. Couple that with the Air Arms signature ‘swirl’end cap, and what we have here is a superrefined silencer, that no only works superbly, but really looks the part.

A good job

Exhaustive testing has ensured that accuracy is only enhanced, (certainly not compromised in any way) and with many competition shooters as well as hunters switching back to silencers these days, Air Arms should be well placed to take advantage of the trend.

The silencer is available as a slip-on unit for certain models and is secured by tightening a 5mm Allen headed screw. Alternatively, they can be specced with a 1/2” UNF male or female thread, so there should be a Q-Tec for not only Air Arms’ own customers, but owners of many other makes of airgun too.

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  • Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer - image {image:count}

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  • Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Length: 8.6”
  • Diameter: 1.25”
  • Available in: .177, .22 and .25
  • Thread Sizes: 1/2” UNF male and female
  • Options: Slip-Fit for S410, S400, S200 & TDR
  • Price: £79
  • Contact: Air Arms - www.air-arms.co.uk


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